Annual Report Photography

Posted by Mark On March - 14 - 2009

Annual report photography for Wyo Tech Schools.

Industrial and education annual report photographer

51 Merc

Posted by Mark On May - 30 - 2009

51 Merc photographed in Brighton Colorado

Hot Rod Photographer in Colorado

Detail Work

Posted by Mark On June - 2 - 2009

Detail work from the Thornton Fest Car Show

another way to paint

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shortly after I finished admiring the glass finish shown in the previous post I ran in to this beautiful Dodge truck. the weathered paint is so pleasing to the eye that it looks planned, but I'd be willing to be that there aren't many artists who could plan a paint job like this. either way, I love it. what a fun truck and a beauty to behold.

Golden Super Cruise

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What a wonderful evening in the blazing sun in Golden. The August Super Cruise was amazing. so many cars that I hope to photograph soon. I'm starting to feel the need to make a Bel Air book, there are some wonderful specimens in these parts.

Of course, one must also appreciate the fine details and craftsmanship on display. There's something surreal about paint so perfect it could be glass. thanks for sharing all of your great rides with me.

Chevy Farm Truck

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This shot comes to you from the hay fields east and a little north of Denver, CO. It was an amazingly beautiful day that deteriorated into a mosquito feeding frenzy. Sunsets like this always make me glad to be in the high mountain air. Thanks again to Harold for letting me photograph his pristine Chevy and thanks to fate for not giving my little car a flat while it was off roading.

a different look

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I've been inspired to try something illustrative and came up with this as a first take. I can't decide, some times I love it, sometimes not so much. what do you think? The shot is from the 26th Annual Exotic Sports Car Show Concours in Littleton CO.

Exotic cars in Littleton CO

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I've re-affirmed my love for 30's and 50's super long nose roadsters. Give me a car with 2 seats and a hood so long you have to plan your turns a week in advance. Before the tornado warnings and rain I saw some incredible rides, including the sting ray pictured above. Colorado Jag owners be forewarned, I saw your vehicles and loved most of them I'll be stalking you soon until you let me drive.

Mercedes Roadster

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I've always loved the long lines of the old school roadsters. This car is a beautiful blending of tasteful restoration and style, wonderful lines and chrome in all the right places. This vehicle has had my eye since I was a little kid.

Good Guys Rod and Custom Show in Loveland CO

Posted by Mark Stevens Photography On 8:57 PM 1 comments

Just got back from Loveland and a great show. Met some wonderful people and saw some amazing work. I hope I get to schedule a photo shoot with several of you in the near future!

62 Caddie revisited

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Here's my other favorite image from the 62 Caddie photo shoot in Denver. I love the black and white version posted earlier (and now it is available as a print too), but this was my original plan for the car. Thankfully we were able to get the shot in without killing the battery from running the headlights.

Annual Report and Industrial Photography

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The best part about my job is that I'm often called on to mix great people, the work I love and good causes. This photo was taken for Wyo Tech's automotive program to showcase their scholarship winners. The students at Wyo Tech are amazingly talented and I had a blast working with them.

Photographing the classics in Arizona

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I caught up to this F4 about an hour outside of Sedona AZ in a very fun junkyard. Most Junk yards have few interesting things and a bunch of useful things, but this one is pure eye candy. The mining town folded and one interesting character ended up with just about everything around.

City Style in Denver

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This shot took a little more work than usual, but I couldn't be happier with the results. We had a small rain scare, permission to use the venue, then no permission and then permission again and finally some wonderful clouds, no rain and a generally fun time. The wonderful rolling clouds gave a lot of options for backgrounds, keep your eyes peeled for more photos from this shoot.

Details on the car: 1941 series 62 Cadillac convertible. Customized in the sixties with 1942 and 1947 parts including, grill, chrome trim, rear fenders and bumpers. The hood side trim filled and rear trim smoothed. The work done was all done in lead. It has a 1948 346 flathead V8 and three speed transmission.

51 Merc - Layin Low

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This 51 Merc By Harold Hartley was a blast to photograph. We spent several hours in the rye grass fields on the eastern plains of colorado and I only have one mosquito bite to show for it!

The goods on this beautiful ride: chopped 5 1/2 inches, channeled, custom floor, smoothed, frenched, b pillars removed for hard top, custom skirts and many other body mods. It has a mild built 406 Ford with 3 two barrel carbs and a c6 automatic transmission. Camaro sub-frame with power rack and pinion steering, four link rear with airbags all around.

Pricing Information

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Thank you for your interest in my photography. Everything I do is completely custom and the price for my services depends a lot on the scope of our project. Unlike some of the photos you may see at car shows, I don't use tacky photoshop tricks to put your car somewhere it wasn't. Everything you see in my portfolio was carefully scouted and lit to produce the photos you see as unique products for the owners. I am based in Denver, Colorado and I am completely mobile and happy to travel to your location.

To get you the most accurate quote, please give me a call at 303-562-5536 and have the following information ready:
  • Is this assignment for publication/advertisement or your personal use?
  • Do you have a location in mind or will I find one?
  • What tangible art do you want at the end of our project? For example, we can produce a custom calendar, posters, canvas art prints, photo prints of any size, postcards, greeting cards and so on (sorry, no mouse pads or other nick knacks).
  • Are you interested in having me shop the images of your vehicle around in hopes of getting them published?

Editorial and Advertising Pricing
If you are interested in licensing any of the images you see on this site for your magazine, calendar or book please give me a call at 303-562-5536. Most of the images include property releases already and I know several talented builders who would love to have you feature their work. I am also happy to provide a quote for a custom project for your publication.

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