Annual Report Photography

Posted by Mark On March - 14 - 2009

Annual report photography for Wyo Tech Schools.

Industrial and education annual report photographer

51 Merc

Posted by Mark On May - 30 - 2009

51 Merc photographed in Brighton Colorado

Hot Rod Photographer in Colorado

Detail Work

Posted by Mark On June - 2 - 2009

Detail work from the Thornton Fest Car Show

Pricing Information

Posted by Mark Stevens Photography On 7:48 PM
Thank you for your interest in my photography. Everything I do is completely custom and the price for my services depends a lot on the scope of our project. Unlike some of the photos you may see at car shows, I don't use tacky photoshop tricks to put your car somewhere it wasn't. Everything you see in my portfolio was carefully scouted and lit to produce the photos you see as unique products for the owners. I am based in Denver, Colorado and I am completely mobile and happy to travel to your location.

To get you the most accurate quote, please give me a call at 303-562-5536 and have the following information ready:
  • Is this assignment for publication/advertisement or your personal use?
  • Do you have a location in mind or will I find one?
  • What tangible art do you want at the end of our project? For example, we can produce a custom calendar, posters, canvas art prints, photo prints of any size, postcards, greeting cards and so on (sorry, no mouse pads or other nick knacks).
  • Are you interested in having me shop the images of your vehicle around in hopes of getting them published?

Editorial and Advertising Pricing
If you are interested in licensing any of the images you see on this site for your magazine, calendar or book please give me a call at 303-562-5536. Most of the images include property releases already and I know several talented builders who would love to have you feature their work. I am also happy to provide a quote for a custom project for your publication.

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